An essay on muppets and my trans life.

TW: transmisogyny, suicide, death

(Currently only working on Chromium and Firefox browsers. Working on improvements soon)

bitsy rules: 

Use the directional keys to move and to progress through dialogue. The game will not present any dialogue automatically, you must interact with other objects in the environment in order for dialogue to be presented.  

essay rules:

Videos will play as you go through the game's writing. When you progress through the writing, the videos will switch into another video.  It is your decision how much of these you watch. 


Essay, game design, programming, video editing: Waverly

Co-programmer: Lyra King

Special bitsy Thanks: Sean Leblanc & Cephalopodunk

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I like this quote about the Muppets. "Although a bear driving a car and a frog trying to order a drink in a bar are not ordinary sights in our world, they are in this film. None of the human beings in The Muppet Movie are ever the least bit surprised to find themselves talking to frogs and dogs and pigs and chickens." It's a nice world.


Thank you for sharing your experiences, I wasn't aware of what else went on with the muppets outside of the movies and that was kind of horrifying. Displaying videos in bitsy was also a pretty cool idea!


you're right and legit, I wish you to be you who are. To be better today with yourself than before. Take care and thanks for your essay

(Btw I didn't know it was possible to add videos in Bitsy, that's great!)


Bitsy doesn't inherently have the ability to add video, but adjusting some elements of the engine to remove the background and then adding video as an HTML element made it possible!


this was great. and while i had no clue about muppeds, i can see myself in some of your experience. love goes out <3


thank you for writing this


Kermit the Frog is the only Amphibian-American to ever testify before the United States Congress.